From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 6 - May 1992

Kemp's Column
By Raymond Kemp, USA

Granting Of Beingness

Possibly, the most serious complaint about Ron, by those who worked
with him is a variation of the complaint "He took all the Praise, and
never acknowledged anyone else's help"

That there is some validity in this I will grant from personal
experience, since I was the author of the O.C.A., I wrote the "Naming
and Recognition Ceremony" for "Ceremonies Handbook", I pioneered the
Mentally Handicapped Children's project and the British Olympics team
coaching, along with my wife Pamela, who in turn developed and wrote
the Original Drug Rundown, all of which have appeared in Scn
publications under the authorship of L. Ron Hubbard.

Yet, at the same time, I still have the original document of agreement
giving me the right to publish certain books by LRH, and to use the
"Consultants to Industrial Efficiency" appellation. When my son was
born, Ron was the first visitor to Pam, presenting her with a
beautiful Shawl, saying that "A new Mother deserves a Gift, though
most people bring a gift only for the Child".

When the activities of the 'Gang of Nine' were at their height with
respect to myself, and Ron's orders were being ignored, Pam and I got
a letter from Ron personally, saying in part, "You will probably never
know how grateful I am for your Help and contribution".

When my mother was dying of Cancer, Ron was in London and spent many
hours auditing her, arriving quietly, late at night, after the work of
the Organization was over, and it was he who sent me a cable informing
me of what was happening and advising me to return from USA, when he
found out that I had no knowledge of what was happening.

It was Ron who, three months after my mothers death, when Pam and I
first married, paid the air fare for us to go on a honeymoon, saying
"You had to return to this country under stress, so I want you to
leave again and make a new beginning and return under your own

Is this consistent with the complaints by others that "he never
granted beingness to others"? I don't think so.


There is a difference between not being acknowledged, (which I
classify as being granted beingness), and not receiving the
acknowledgment that one feels one wants or needs. It is a little like
a person who says, "you didn't answer my question", to which sometimes
one is forced to reply, "I did answer your question, I just didn't
give you the answer that you wanted".

By the same token are the complainers themselves guilty of not
granting beingness to Ron. Are they perhaps so mind set that unless
they receive what they feel is an acceptable action, a pre-judged and
quantified item of acknowledgement, then they refuse to recognize what
-was- given.

Are such people then unwilling to grant Ron the right to be as he is
(was), and only rail at the fact that he wasn't as they consider he
should be (have been).

A change

I do feel that, in his writings he made an error, that is pertinent to
this point. Originally Ron had as a philosophic maxim, that when faced
with entheta, one did not fight it, one simply put so much theta on
the line that the entheta would blow off of it.

From 1950 to 1965, this was the policy, and it worked (when used), but
in 1965 he wrote a bulletin, "Confront of Evil". (I can't find this
bulletin in the index of bulletins for 1965-69 (or the policy index),
though the subject, confront of evil was talked a about a lot in the
church. With help from another person, the nearest I came to it is HCO
PL 18 MAR 1977R (Data Series 43R) "Evaluation and Programs". Paragraph
19 reads: "A lot of people are stuck on the flow of being sensible and
sane - and that winds up in stupidity. So they get reasonable. Their
confront of evil isn't up to it - basically their confront of
outpoints." ED. IVy.). People existed he said, who had to be fought
and destroyed, enemies, who were ready and willing to attack and
destroy his work.

He formed the Guardians Office to find these enemies, which action
ignores his maxim that "An Organization has an interest in continuing
that which it was formed to erase or handle"

He put people in lowered conditions and gave penalties, administered
by the Ethics division, even though his own statements were that "if
you try to enforce ethics or place penalties into Ethics then the
whole subject degenerates to Morals, a different order of things".

O.K. so he blew it, he goofed, he followed the maxim that "under
stress and oppression people do stupid things". After all, so few of
us are Perfect!.

So let us learn. Let us not add to the confusion by trying to say on
our own behalf "We have the better way. We have perfected the Tech, we
have corrected the tech ... . We are holier than thou."

In America right now, is the quadriannual ritual of "Destroy the
Leaders", otherwise known as the Crucifixion Syndrome, called here the
Primary and Presidential Elections. As a result, any dirt that can be
dug up or even packaged to look like fact is being bandied all over
the public's communication lines. As a result, people become PTS,
legislation becomes stalemated and all stops until after November,
when suddenly everything is beautiful again.

Granting of beingness is on hiatus, in the political field.


So much easier would it be if we all grant others the right to be as
they are, and accept what acknowledgment does come rightfully our way,
no matter what the form.

In the Qaballah (Cabala. Ed.) there is a phrase, "let the dirt play
with the dirt - if it pleases the dirt".

Each of us grants beingness to others in his or her own way. Don't
stop doing so just because third parties state such a way is wrong or