From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 6 - May 1992

Standard Tech
By Hari Seldon, Trantor

Question: "Who or What is source of scn or the tech?"

Well.... There is no easy answer to that. But first let's deny all 1st
Dynamics as answers to the question. What is a 1st Dynamic? It is a
human beingness. No 1st dynamic can be a source of scn or tech. Then
we have the "true self I". that is creating the 8 dynamics. That is
definately a source of scn. But scn was not created today. Scn is just
an alter-is of earlier group 3rd dynamics. Some of the strings into
scn came from LRH (actually quite a lot - But at the same time LRH had
a lot of source-strings coming from Buddhism, Christianity, ancient
Greek philosophy, the renaisance etc. etc.).

So on the subject "Who/What is the source of scn?" there are a lot of
answers. As usual the words are not very accurate in describing
spiritual things. So I guess the question is best left half-answered
only - leaving it to you to fill in the blanks.'

LRH was not only a guru. He was more. He managed to bring a lot of
source strings together and handed these over to us, so we can now be
relay points (a via) on such source strings to others. But the work
that he did with research etc., I could never have done in his place.
What I can do, however, is to continue to build further on the
foundation he erected and even improve his tech in many ways. He did
not do a perfect job. He left things unhandled. But to step in now
that he has laid the foundation is so easy.

I am very interested in communicating the ideas I have. I have a
strong need to disseminate whhat I have learned. I feel very much that
I have encountered a lot of truth and that this truth is so powerful
that it will take me all the way. My only problem is that there is so
much time and so many cycles of action involved, that I must learn to
become more patient (much more). I really need to develop "Eastern

I do not believe that we need to adopt [[adapt???]] the tech to suit
the individual pcs. I feel that we need to train the individual pcs,
so they understand that they have to adapt themselves to make the tech
work on them (or it will never work on them). The whole approach to
the "raw meat" case is pretty low-toned, as the "raw meat" vase
usually cannot have too much truth or too high tones administered to
it early on. Only when the case has advanced some distance on the road
to truth, is it possible to confront it with higher levels of truth.

For me there was a "Spirit of truth" speaking through LRH. That spirit
of truth did not start working when LRH was born. It did not die with
LRH. For me that spirit of truth is what the buddhist calls Maitreya,
what Christians call "the holy spirit", what Zoroaster said would be
his return, what the Jews call Messiah, etc.

Through the auditing technology of Hubbard and scn I came in contact
with this "Spirit of truth". With the tech that Hubbard (with
assistance from others) developed, we can help others contact the
"holy spirit of truth". The tech we were taught in scn works on
certain types of cases. I would call such cases "those who are
reaching for ARC, so they can learn more about Life and livingness and
thus arrive at KRC. I say that one of our first duties when we contact
new ("raw meat") people is to rapidly find out, if they are "reaching
for ARC about life" people or not. Thus I make a point of having them
confront training. Those who are "reaching for ARC people" like it and
continue. And the tech works on them.

All this is really the subject of religion. (Basic meaning of the word
religion is "study of the contract". I suppose it is the contract
which contains the laws of life.) So I am a religious person. I feel
that the subject of religion is the greater subject that scn belongs
to. I believe we need to get ourselves established as religious gurus
or priests or prophets or whatever. We belong in the field of religion
(study of the wisdom of Life).

I do not believe that we have a right to reshape the Tech we have been
taught in scn to fit certain individuals (if we do, we will lose the
tech very rapidly for sure) - I believe it is our duty to refine it
and make it better. I believe that this is the reason Hubbard talked
so much about standard tech and made it a crime to alter it. We have
to teach individuals to be less self-centered (i.e. less -interesting-
and more -interested-) and instead teach them to reach out beyond
their limited 1st dynamics. It is outside their 1st dynamics that they
can find truth and the road to truth. The road to truth does not exist
inside their 1st dynamic. It does not even exist inside the MEST-
universe. But as they search (Ref: Search for the truth and the truth
will set you free) further and further away from their 1st dynamics
and more and more in their higher dynamics, they are coming closer to
this truth. And by coming closer they have a chance of finding it.
Truth is very close to 8th dynamic.

I hope that I have given you some nourishment for further thought.
Please realize that I am a zealot. I am more interested in spreading
the work I have learned, than listening to what others have to say.
(This does not mean I am totally unwilling to listen.) I know for a
fact that I want to get in comm with more people. I know for a fact
that former scnists are the most easy people to talk to.