From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 6 - May 1992

Going Toward Cause
by Bob Ross, USA.

It seems to me that auditing a person toward freedom can be discussed
as though the body was a car. We can drive around in our cars and get
in and out of them. Different people have different cars. We don't
feel it necessary to know how to take a car apart and put it together
in order to get in a car and drive it and get out again.

But, that is the approach scientology processing has been taking. As I
see it, there is an infinitude of complexities which can be explored
about the physical universe. Some common one's that most people will
agree don't need to be studied in order to go clear are such things as
chemistry, physics, astrophysics, astronomy, cooking, tailoring and so
on. We don't need to become an expert in every field of human
endeavor. Nor it seems to me do we need to become expert in implant
GPMs real GPMs, OT3, NOTs, Captain Bill's advanced procedures, and
other things.

It may be helpful or not to learn about these things and become expert
in them, and run off the charge which they consist of. But, to me, we
can also look at this as though we were in a play. An actor can assume
a role and after the performance shuck that role. Next night or
matinee he or she gets back in that role again, or someone else plays
it. This is done without changing that role noticeably.

Exteriorizing Versus Changing Abilities

Similarly we as beings should be able to leave our roles on earth for
shorter or longer periods of time or even permanently at our own
choice, whether anyone else takes them on or not. There is no
necessity to modify our roles in order to depart from them or to get
back to them. We have different bodies just as our cars are different.
We can have a black Toyota or a Green Cadillac. Likewise we can have
bodies of various racial and ethnic backgrounds in various conditions.
Our car can have a missing cylinder or our body can have a broken leg.
These things do not affect our ability to get in and out of our car or

The desire to change the condition of the body and mind is a whole
other subject from the desire or struggle for Freedom. A great deal of
processing has to do with changing our role and our ability to play
that role in society, -not- in becoming free of our body or our role.

As I see it, for thousands upon thousands of years there have been
people who have become free of their bodies (what we call
exteriorization) often with miraculous abilities, while still having
the body in whatever shape it is in. They know they are not their
bodies, so it really doesn't matter to them that their bodies are less
than perfect. In fact, it might make other people less jealous of
their abilities if they wear weak scrawny or crippled bodies rather
than physically perfect bodies as well as being magicians. Though the
bible mentions ages of 900 years.

Achieving Exteriorization

Some form of solo auditing, which we can call meditation, assisted or
not by an e-meter is needed to become free of the body. Why only solo?
Because, one has to recognize oneself as cause. And to be under the
control of an auditor with that auditor being cause of the session
conflicts with this. How can one possibly practice at being cause
while being effect. Well, a good auditor grants beingness and permits
the pc to be cause more and more in the session. But at some point or
another the preclear has to take off on his own just as a child leaves
his parents.

That point, in my opinion, is the point at which the preclear
recognizes self as not the body. Up to that point an auditor is
necessary, beyond that point any auditor becomes less and less
necessary and eventually become limiting to the preclear. Maiken Borre
has told me that she has found many preclears bogged down from doing
Route Two auditing, which includes the entire bridge, and needed to be
run on Route One, after which they flew as preclears. Some preclears
start at this point. Others, I think, hit this when they need an Int
R/D and should get Route One as soon as the Int has been completed.

In my opinion, processing in general is helpful to free up a person
from his case but becomes less and less helpful, until at some point
it becomes useless and even adds to the case, as pcs create or misown
bank in order to run it.

This can be looked at as a kind of overrun. All one has to do to
correct this condition, as with any overrun is to find the point at
which being audited became unnecessary and then indicate that all
auditing past that point was unnecessary.

This is similar, basically, to the idea which Ron spoke of long years
ago, that the track is endless and that there is no future in just
running more and more engrams. One has to go a different direction.

The parallel I see here is that many people are researching more and
more ways in which this MEST universe is put together. There is more
and more complexity being discovered. This data is useful for the
individual who happens to be trapped in that complexity so that
knowledge of that particular complexity is that person's road out.

Not everyone had the R6 experience. Not everyone had the OT2 and OT3
experience. Not everyone went through the same implants. The answer
is, audit the case in front of you toward cause. Run what needs to be
run, not what someone else benefited from. Check things, spend a
little time, but don't waste time.

To my way of thinking, the road out for most -people is by greater and
greater simplicity. Greater complexity, like running more and more
engrams can be a trap.