From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 5 - March 1992

Kemps Column
By Raymond Kemp, USA

Lets Talk OT

Every religion, every society, and every thinking person has at one
time pondered what might be termed as a generic term "The Mysteries".

Heaven, Nirvana, Bhodi, The Other Side, Para Normal Psychology,
Mediums, Edgar Cace, Channelling, and of course, O.T., are but a few
of the terms that have great confusion attached to them and all too
often contain personal goals, and wishes that are strictly Occult.
(definition of Occult by the way is "momentarily viewable").

At the Holland conference (November 1991, Ed.) I tried to open up the
view of this area, suggesting that there is a datum of comparable
magnitude, in the study of Quantum Physics, and that (as usual) LRH
had laid down a great deal of information, some of it Data by
definition, and some of it speculation. But here again and indeed
factually as a thread through all of his writings, he outlined a path
to expansion through understanding, and not a 'Holy Writ', though I
must admit much of his work has been accepted only in that limited

I was, and am, gratified that what I had to say was understood by
most, and to a greater or lesser degree, but as Antony stated to me
recently it was a very heavy lecture.

I hope to amplify and undercut that lecture (which I understand is
available in Tape), with a few, hopefully cogent remarks here.

A workable definition of O.T. is,"One who can be at willing and
knowing cause over Life, Energy, Matter, Space and Time"... (LRH circa

Therefore, to the extent that one can be at -willing and knowing-
cause over these things, then to that extent one is into the realm of
data called O.T. It isn't some state that magically appears, it is an
expansion of the being, albeit of an occulting nature, gradient scale,
if you will, and has but passing connection to Space track, Magic
Track, Other Entities, Channeled wise men, levitation, Kharma, or
getting off the wheel of life so that one can spend the rest of
eternity sitting on cloud nine, Harping.

If one is not at willing and knowing cause, then he must be something
else. He can be at Unwilling, and/or Unknowing Cause, but that would
mean he is at Effect, since by the simple mechanics, he would have
closed terminals, eliminated Distance, and thus Identified Cause with

A clear, by definition is at willing and knowing cause over -Mental-
Matter, Energy, Space and Time, simply a different order of magnitude
of things. A clear can still be the Effect of any mental 'thing', but
the difference is that he is not at unwilling, or unknowing effect. He
is free to be at Cause, or at Effect, by choice, he can associate with
Engrams, Implants, S.P's, or any other mental phenomenon, but he does
not identify with, or to these things.

He can see that there is a relationship between Thought and Matter,
for example but he does not associate Thought with Matter (G.P.M.'s)

An O.T. would similiarly recognise the associations or relationships
between Life, Matter, Energy, Space and Time, as well as himself, and
other Beings and as well as past present and future, but he would not
identify these things A=A=A. Past is not time, Thought is not matter,
He is not life, and so on.

The state of O.T. is not obtained by getting out of the material
world, dis-association, or by identification. To be unwilling to
associate with it is the way to become entrapped in it. To be at cause
over it is to the extent that one is willing to associate with it

An O.T. is not one who is never at effect, he is one who, when he is
at effect, knows what it is, and is being so willingly. You can be
O.T. while you still have a body, you don't have to identify pre O.T.
with having a body and having to feed and clean and repair it. But it
is unlikely that one would be O.T. while they are at unknowing and
unwilling effect of the body.

You do not have to break all the Physical Universe Laws, in order to
be or become O.T, you stay in close proximity to, and associate with
these Laws and thus remain at cause, and use them.

It is all a matter of gradient, and one of the first steps 'out' of
the physical universe is to associate with it as it really is,
recognising that a being is not of the physical Universe, nor is he in
fact identified with it, no matter how it may seem. Only then can he
start to be willing to be at Cause, and cease to restrain himself from
even association with it.

All the time you identify with the physical Universe, all the time
that you mock up characteristics of OT as something that you are going
to manifest in bodies, all the time that you think that to be an OT
you are going to have to be the effect of created Past out of whatever
alterative universe you are currently running, you will have a very
thin view if at all of what OT is all about.

Just as a clear is at first a clear on the first dynamic, and then has
to adjust to having the clear viewpoint on other dynamics, so too does
an OT have to get the concept of what he is looking at, or, possibly
more accurately, which universe he is observing, and practice
adjusting the various factors to produce the results he wants.

If we accept the thesis or premise that Thetans were at one time or
condition, O.T., and now, observably they are not, then we must also
accept that the postulated condition is not a Human Condition.

Thus, to apply Human Condition, or Human Standards to the OT state, is
at once an excercise in futility, and we can go one step further and
allow that even the subject of 'thetans', is also at best only
slightly related to a Human Being.

A Thetan's Problems

Ron once said that the problem a thetan has trying to operate directly
upon or within the MEST Univers, could be compared to you trying to
pick up the cellophane wrapper of a cigarette package (having taken it
off the package), without deforming the cellophane wrapper in any way.

At about the same time (1951), he pointed out that thetans have an
annoying habit of 'trying to help the body survive', and that the
chronic headache, or pain in the side isn't always an engram, but may
be caused by the thetan being so protective, that he has a tight
squeeze beam on the body's head, in an effort to keep it from danger
or some such. The fact that "Danger to the Head needing protective
beams", is only valid in some other universe, is a matter for
cognition to bring about relief.

As I said at the beginning, there is a wealth of information, in the
various lectures I mentioned, all it takes is a little adventuring on
your part to start acting as a thetan, and not as a human being.

The 'Human' Tone Scale goes up to about 4.0, and clearing is designed
to move a Human being up into the 4.0 region. The Thetan Tone scale
goes much higher. Remember the phrase "Tone 40"? It might be assigned
as a very low level O.T. level of activity.

I have heard of people saying such things as "Well I sat up all night
postulating .....", or, "I have been mocking up more p.c's, or money",
or some such, "and it didn't work", or "It was all pulled apart by
other beings".

All this shows is that the person did not understand what a mockup is,
and did not understand about Universes, and their "quantum"

In the first place a mockup is not just a picture, it is a created
beingness, one can mock up to the extent that one is willing to be,
and willing to create, a beingness.

In order to do this he must be able to create a space, in which he is
willing to be. He doesn't have to be in it, but is totally capable of
being in the space he creates.

Then he can place any object in that space, and he can be that object,
because he is putting the beingness into it.

But if the thetan is confused as to which universe he is operating in,
if he is limited to, shall we say, the Mest Universe, which has been
created to operate only along certain well defined laws, plus what we
might call "his own universe", i.e. his reality of what is left to him
as a universe, then while it is true that he can, within the
limitations of that reality, say 'lets do it' and it works, but his
actual control over mockups is going to be negligible, and limited.

It is this limitation, rather than expansion, that is the common
course of existence.

Put even more directly, if, as a clear, you then spend thousands of
hours, examining some universe where you are at effect, of other
beings, other entities that are gonna get you if you don't get them
first, then you are at best limiting yourself and your progress to the
limitations imposed by that Universe.

Real versus Factual

It really does not matter whether the wall of fire or the ghosties,
and implants incidents are factual or not. They are as real as you see
them in the universe in which they exist, and which was either mocked
up by you, or by someone else and to which you have agreed.

They will behave, as is theorized in Quantum Theory, in exactly the
way that you as an observer expect them to. (The Copenhagen theory and
the Heisenberg principle).

Trouble is, people trying to handle all this, to a greater or lesser
extent, within the laws of the Mest Universe, and then without even
realizing that, per the Quantum theory, there are seemingly unlimited
Quantum incidents within this Universe.

But a thetan, even a real big strong OT type thetan, is probably only
connected, or associates with the Mest Universe, by 1% of his
attention anyway, and what is even more interesting, is that the "time
track" is totally a Mest Universe Phenomena anyway.

The route is simple

So the route to OT then needs firstly a person who really is clear,
and secondly a person who then is willing to examine and rehabilitate
his viewpoints as a thetan. How to operate both outside the Mest
universe, and inside the Mest universe, with all it's 'potentials' and

A little of both, not compulsive rigid viewpoint of either. OT is not
for 'getting out of the rat race', neither is it to Dominate the Human
Being Universe.

Expansion is created apparently much as we have stated earlier, by
Wave Form, and not by particle movement, and what I have done here is
to try to give you the basic for developing an understanding of at
least some portion of what we call the zone of OT, which deals with
Theta, thetans and so forth, and what I am saying is not really a part
of the Mest Universe, although obviously there will be an interface.


It is my thesis that this interface lies in the field of Quantum
studies, since we are dealing in both cases in less and less mass, and
further that the field of Quantum Theory is a datum of comparable
magnitude ot the data of O.T.

If the indicators are, even as Ron said years ago, that the field of
OT depends on the ability to handle the cycle of cause and effect
without the constraints of the Physical Universe, Time and Space, then
this thesis seems to hold true. In any event , if a subject is
understandable, and knowable, then it can affect you.

My advice is that for those who want to progress down this road, there
is a very good map, it is called the Philadelphia Doctorate Tapes, all
8 volumes, some 100 hours of lectures.

Ron said it at that time, 1953, and repeated it as recently as 1980,
that "Here is a course for the rehabilitation of theta viewpoint" (I
remember at a time when I was on Pubs Org staff, Ron made the
discovery that the Philadelphia Doctorate Tapes were not readily
available, and there was a very strong push to get them readily
available, Ed. "IVy" and I would like to see the free zone spend more
time on studying this, than argueing as to which implant, or engam, or
wall of fire, is best. These take you through everything I have said
here, and the various S.O.P's. Additionally you have the SOP 8, the 08
and 808 tapes.