From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 5 - March 1992

The Bridge to OT, and Repairs

By Hari Seldon, Trantor (The same author wrote the letter in "Ivy" 4,
page 26, true name and address known, and we will forward any letters
sent to our office. IVy's Ed.).

From L. Ron Hubbard we inherited a technology. It contained two
fundamentally different approaches to the case.

Let's start this article by clearly differentiating between -the case
of the thetan- and -the human being case-. The case of a thetan is the
charge that is preventing the thetan from being O.T. The case of the
human being is what is preventing him from being a human being by some
kind of hidden standards.

The tech can be used to repair (i.e. to get the rudiments in) or to
advance the thetan across the bridge. The only purpose of repair is to
get the thetan "sessionable", so you can run him on the processes that
get him closer to O.T. (moving across the bridge).

This is a very important datum in the tech that LRH left behind. You
do not need to take my word for it. Just get hold of your C/S-series
and study the purposes behind repairs and the standard bridge. Reasons
for Repair

In scientology (as well as in the Cof$) there are at times voices,
that claim that it is more important to handle the various problems
and charges the pc has his attention on in this lifetime, rather than
handling the case (barriers to O.T.) of the thetan (the being that has
lived in this universe since he entered it in this time-period).

According to the C/S-series this is not true (and I agree). I would
say that the reason a C/S falls into the trap laid by the pcs bank to
"handle the pcs human existence in this lifetime" instead of handling
his "eternal case", is a failure to control (KRC) the pcs bank.
Instead of controlling the pc and the bank the C/S plays theetie-
wheetie games with the tech. And so he runs rudiments to obtain the
key-out necessary to obtain a pc "in session" (willing to talk about
his case - i.e. theta barriers - to the auditor), but never touches
the preclears case.

It is a misidentification of importance (sometimes called
unintelligence or ignorance) of severe magnitude. The "why" is almost
the same as the "why" behind failures to study (i.e. the three
barriers to learning):

1) The pc is being run on a wrong gradient usually on a too low
gradient, even if the reason he is being run on a low gradient may
well be that he initially was on too steep a gradient.

2) Lack of mass (i.e. has had no real case gains - no charge off of
the thetans case and thus no "theta case-gains"). A very good example
of this is the all too common case of the person who "knows it all
already" or is "Natural Clear", but cannot keep his clothes, and much
less his home, in order.

3) Misunderstoods (i.e. has no reality at all about what the purpose
of auditing is or how and why the tech was developed).

Purpose of Auditing

Hubbard gives an example in a tape where he compares getting the
rudiments in on a pc to driving a bus up to a bus station where the pc
is waiting to get on to be driven away from where he is. The rudiments
do not take the pc anywhere on the bridge. They allow the pc to step
onto the bridge. But once the bus has arrived at the bus station the
pc needs to be -driven in the bus- to get "theta case-gains". What
Hubbard very clearly says here is that rudiments and life repairs are
no real "case-gaining" procedures. They only improve the pcs ARC in PT
enough to make it possible to -then audit- him. Rudiments and repairs
are of course auditing (tech-application), but they hardly touch the
thetans case (barriers to regain OT abilities).

Why one falls into the trap

It is very easy to fall into this trap. Why?

Because we are human beings here on planet Earth. We are trapped into
a swamp of confusion (i.e. mass of incomplete cycles of action - see
"Problems of Work" by LRH (First published 1956.)). What you can do if
you want to make sure that you advance up that old bridge of LRH is to
handle some of these incomplete cycles of action and thereby regain
your lost abilities as an O.T.

We have in our group managed to get a much higher percentage of sucess
on the bridge than I ever saw in the Cof$. The reason is not that we
run more rudiments or repairs (we do not). I would say the reason is
that we refuse to agree with the pcs bank (i.e. allowing the human
being or the bank of the pc to take control of the C/Sing). Instead we
train our pcs on the tech, before we allow them to receive auditing.

Thus they are in agreement with us that:

1) Their case gain is not what they as human beings believe is their
case gain, but what the E-meter and the C/S say should be run to
handle their case.

2) The purpose of Auditing is not to handle their human being
situation in this lifetime, but to handle the barriers that prevent
them from being O.T.

3) To get the proper case-gains to regain O.T. abilities, they have to
assume responsibility for not only their own 1st. dynamic, but also
for the 1st. dynamic of others. This they have to do by getting
trained as Auditors.

4) They understand that their true nature (true self) is a beingness
of 8 dynamics, and it is that beingness we are having regain OT

KRC - triangle

So in our group we make sure that those who can confront these simple
facts stay around, while those who cannot confront these simple facts
leave. Those who stay increase their KRC on all their dynamics by a)
accepting Responsibility for their own 8-dynamics case, b) by
acquiring the Knowledge necessary to c) be able to Control these 8
dynamics from their own true self viewpoints - i.e. not-located theta
viewpoint, assumed by a being who transcends all dynamics instead of
one who is "looking at " one or more of the dynamics from an exterior

"Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" (in the book of that name written by
Richard Bach) pointed out that it is necessary to teach the flock
about "the unlimited golden seagull" again and again, even if nobody
in the flock understands anything at first, because if the lesson was
only repeated, then one day a Fletcher Seagull would suddenly grasp
the meaning of "unlimited golden seagull".

We have the same problem here in free scientology (or even inside the
Cof$). There is almost nobody who knows what a true thetan is all
about. There is such a vast number of hidden standards and fixed
opinions on what an O.T. really is, that it is pointless to even try
to get the idea across to somebody who is new to the subject. Only
after a pc has had auditor training and hundreds of hours of auditing
and solo auditing is he capable of understanding what a true 8-
dynamics being (an O.T.) really is.

We should be very grateful to LRH for showing us the road to O.T.
Without his assistance and without the E-meter we would be as lost as
are psychologists using their stupid theories or police investigator
using their "lie-detector".


The tech behind the bridge is the map you need to find the road to
O.T. The E-meter is the compass necessary to know if you are moving in
the right direction. The know-how of the ARC-triangle, the KRC-
triangle etc. is the glue that combines the data of the tech with the
mass of reality (i.e. the case, the E-meter etc.) into a workable
package that makes it possible to lead those beings who have the
confront to fulfill the purpose of auditing.

Let's get trained! Let's get audited! Let's solo-audit! Let's grow in
ARC and KRC!

Let's make O.T.!

And do not allow people to sell you other roads to O.T. It is highly
unlikely that there is an abundance of beings around on this planet
that have workable roads to O.T. for you. A fellow like LRH does not
come around every life-time. We owe him something for having delivered
this opportunity to get free. Those who invalidate the "old bridge" of
Scn are those who failed to apply it to their own case (and we are
talking about their O.T. case now, not their human being case in this
life time).