From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 4 - December 1991

Rons Org Convention 1991

This year Rons Org Convention took place near Frankfurt on the 7th to
9th November. There were over 150 attendees from all over the world.
The venue was a very luxurious hotel with swimming pool, sauna and
large conference rooms set in its own grounds.

Rons Org

It may be useful to explain what Rons Org is, for the benefit of those
readers who have not come across it. It was started by a group of
people in 1985 to get back to the pure Scientology technology which
had been used in the Church up to about 1982. This aim, to get back to
what was considered Standard Tech., did not just apply to the auditing
technology but also to the administration technology which had been
developed by Ron in the 1960s to run the Church.

Among the founders of Rons Org was Bill Robertson, called Captain Bill
because he captained the Sea Org Flagship. In addition to
rehabilitating the technology as it was written, Bill Robertson and
others developed a continuation of the Bridge beyond Solo Nots
(OT7/AA7). The first Rons Org was in Germany and there are now Rons
Orgs all over the world. They are financially independent of each
other but cooperate on various projects. There is no central
organization and the network is run by periodic meetings of the
leaders of all the centres.

The 1991 Convention

Enough of history, what happened at the Convention? There were
lectures about how to use the technology to make groups work better,
how to make the body work better, how to start up a practice as an
auditor, and about different ways to get the tech. into use in
society. This last activity is one of the priorities that Rons Org has
set itself, under the title of the New Civilisation Game.

The theory of the New Civilisation is that when people have been freed
by auditing and knowledge, they need a better game to play. This is
partly to avoid drifting back into the old games that they got stuck
in before. There may not be much to see yet of the New Civilisation
but the Admin Scale and the Org Board are there for anyone to read and
decide if they would like to support it.

So what did we observe? The lectures were doubled up so that one could
not get to all of them and one had to choose which ones to attend. The
lectures or speeches were given in English or German but with
instantaneous translation into German, French and English. There was
also quite a bit of the international language, music.

The majority of the attendees were from Switzerland, France,
Scandinavia and Germany itself. All the centres represented seemed to
have a strong leader figure who is not just technically competent but
also has strong organizational skills and personal charisma.

There were many old-timers there but also many young people. On a show
of hands it appeared that nearly half of the attendees had never been
in the Church. All the people seemed bright and enthusiastic. If one
wished to promote the idea that Scientology technology appeals to
people who are bright and successful, and that they can use it to
become more so, then here was where you could find evidence to support
this claim.