From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 4 - December 1991

Book News

Scientology - More Than A Cult?
Reviewed by Terry E. Scott, England

Scientology - More Than A Cult? By L. Kin
Published 1991 by Edition ScienTerra
ISBN 3-922367-26-7 Price: DM 24,80
Language: English, Softback. 200 Pages

This is a superb book. It arrived through the mail a few days ago and
I have read it avidly. It comprises two sections, and if L. Ron
Hubbard had written its second part, The Principles Unveiled, he would
surely have been proud of the clear, concise text and the excellent
style of writing. The section covers the technologies, laws and
mechanism of charge, key terms is auditing, the rudiments of life,
ethics and the Dynamics, and gradients of Clearing.

Ron might have been less happy with the first part, From Crusade to
Rip-Off. But this is the best-balanced account I have read of the
history of Scientology organizations from early days to the present -
aspects good, aspects deplorable. The author does not overdo things,
and has a good sense of relative importance. He looks at the arrival
of "Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health", LRH's mission,
the beginning of Scientology, a new view of Man (the whole track, the
thetan and so on), the Church of Scientology, 'religious
salesmanship', Independents, and the concept of a cleared planet.

Let me quote just this, from page 73: 'Any man who ever tried to get
something done on this planet had a rough time, whether he was an
artist, a philosopher, a scientist, a politician, a businessman or the
founder of a spiritual movement which later turned into a new
religion... it always was time itself which in the end spelled out the
value of the founder's thoughts and goals. The same will be the case
with Hubbard and scientology (sic).'

Scientology - More Than A Cult? is a positive work. A reader is likely
to feel lighter at heart, higher in tone, after finishing it. This
book can be recommended to almost anyone from experienced auditors to
those with no prior idea of the subject. From DMSMH to the defeat of
Xenu, this is a book that should be in everyone's hands.