From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 4 - December 1991

Philosophical Considerations
By Todde Salén, Sweden

In technique 88 (published 1952) LRH wrote a short article on Control
and Lying. All those people who studied what LRH wrote over the years
will probably agree that the year 1952, was philosophically his best
year. He had just had his biggest wins on Dianetics and had started
$CN, but not yet gotten trapped by the aberrations of organisation, in
any case I will try to write some thoughts that this brief note in
Technique 88 has inspired in me:

Control & Lying

When you start to talk about truth you cannot really talk about
organised religion. At least you cannot talk about organised religion,
if you want to come very close to real truth.

Albert Einstein said that everything is relative to your viewpoint,
and that all statements have to be judged for their truth, based on
your viewpoint. And so it is when you look at the subject of
philosophical truth. When you are getting close to the serious truth
that will set man free, you are getting outside the sphere where
organised religion is willing to let you move. Organised religion
cannot afford to let their members get too close to truth as the truth
is setting them free. As soon as an individual gets freer he becomes
less easy to control.

This is very much the basic problem of organised religion.

The stable datum that LRH wrote in Technique 88 was that to be able to
control people you have to lie to them. He pointed out that this was a
stable datum with no exceptions, it is always true. The only way you
can control a person is by lying to him. Thus if you find out that a
person is lying to you, you know immediately that he is trying to
control you somehow. When a person is lying to you he is either trying
to make you do something or he is trying to make you not do something.
It is either or. No exceptions! Thus this stable datum also has an
opposite end to it that is also always true. If somebody is lying to
you, you know he is trying to control you.

Do not believe that this is true because I have written so here or
because LRH said so in 1952. Try it out for yourself and become a
little more free as a thetan. The reason a person keeps on lying to
you is, that it is the only way he can ever keep on controlling you.

Freer or Slavemaster?

With this knowledge you can get around in the free zone and rapidly
tell who is willing to assist you, to make you free and who is trying
to control you for his own benefit. The individual who is trying to
make you free, will allow you to come to your own conclusions about
how much help he can give you to become free. He is not trying to
trick you into his organisation by lying to you. Of course he may not
tell you all the data that is hidden in the subject and the technology
of his organisation (after all that is what his organisation is living
from and you have to allow this organisation to sell you it's products
to assist you - as long as the product of that organisation helps you
get closer to your truths - i.e. teaches you to learn to know your
true self better - all is OK).

The problem the slave master has when he is trying to control you is
that the more you learn about truth the more able you become. And of
course the slave master wants as able slaves as possible. So he has to
give you some truth to make you a valuable slave. But if he gives you
the full truth you will become free and self-determined (as a matter
of fact self-determinism is a gradient that goes from 1st Dynamic
self-determinism to 2nd Dynamic self-determinism etc. all the way up
to 8th dynamic self-determinism. On each dynamic you arrive at self-
determinism on, you become pan-determined on the dynamic below). Thus
the slave master has a vested interest in giving you "enough truth".
That is as much truth as possible to make you able and not so much
truth that you go free.

Gurus and Leaders

A true guru however has no interest in not letting you free. A true
guru will give you the truth you need to become a free being and he
trusts the basic goodness of man enough, to allow his fellow man to
become free. The true guru is not afraid of letting other beings
become more powerful than himself, as he trusts them to work on the
principle of the "optimum solution" (i.e. the greatest good for the
greatest number of dynamics), as he belives that man is basically

This is also the problem of becoming a leader for other people. You
often get tempted to control them instead of leading them. Once you
start to control them you will need to feed them more and more lies,
until you suddently are their slave master.

Organised religion has gone through this cycle of action again and
again. They usually start out with a real interest to assist their
fellow man to become more free. The founder usually has this idea,
when he starts out. But as time goes on this cycle of action starts
deteriorating the leader (or leaders) of the organisation and you wind
up with an organisation that is making slaves of it's members, even if
the members at first when they entered the organisation became more
free when they did find some truths that were around.

Even when a reformer of the religion comes around (like Martin Luther)
he is rapidly becoming the effect of this cycle of deterioration. It
is a very basic abberation in the human mind that is the source of
this problem. You cannot get around it if you do not allow the
organisation to grow on a very smooth gradient. You have to let the
KRC and the ARC (the quality) grow in the theta-core of the
organisation at a faster pace than the MEST (the quantities) of the
organisation is allowed to grow. What human being in charge of an
organisation will allow the organisation he/she is in charge of to
grow slower in the visible bands (the quantities that can be
measured), only to allow the theta of that organisation to grow faster
(i.e. fast enough to prevent the enMEST and entheta to convert the
theta and MEST of the organisation into entheta and enMEST)?

Hope plus

The demands on a leader to form such a true group are so high that we
can almost forget about it. But without hope there is no life. So
let's keep on hoping. But let's not only hope. Hope is only the start
of a cycle of action. Just like belief. An OT has to run the whole
cycle of action from start to continue to completion. And by just
doing so you can become more OT. So do not stop now when you have a
hope. Make the hope into reality by starting to create in the
direction of the goal we should be hoping for. Let's get active and
create more theta and gather MEST around that theta in order to build
such a true group.

Do not let the bank win by creating hopelessness in this area. The
forming of a true group is a 3D-OT activity. One step beyond hoping
has been done by Antony Phillips in creating IVY. He obviously is a
real OT in that part of the 3D band where he is creating effects just
as he was hoping to do. But he did not stop by hoping. He went on and
created his dream into reality. So he is OT right there in this area.
Well Done Antony! We need to become organised around you and next to
you. Your magazines can create a lot of hope in a lot of people.
However your magazines cannot train these people into masters of the
mind or Gurus. But the hope you are inspiring in us is as important as
the hope that LRH once inspired into us.

Creating OTs

Creating OTs is a gradient. OTs grow from self-determinism on the 1st
dynamic to selv-determinism on higher dynamics on a gradient. Pan-
determinism follows as you grew self-determined on higher dynamics. At
our DUGA shool in Gothenburg we are training meditors (Roughly the
same as auditor, facilitator, or spiritual guide. Ed. IVy), to deliver
live meditation to students of our Modern Budhistic Philosophy of
Life. It is an ardous job of slowly building theta. As long as we
concentrate our efforts on converting entheta into theta we quite
naturally pull in MEST under us (just like predicted by the theta/Mest
theory of SCN 8008). The trick we have to master is to not fall for
the temptations of the world to deviate from the road to truth we are
walking. It is easy to start to lie to your public or your students to
win short term success, instead of being honest and straight with
them. But it is only with true friendship between true friends that
you can build a true group. However I am not sure that we will see the
real spectacular successes in this short lifetime. After all 70 years
is not a very long time for a thetan.

One of the most important things for a thetan trapped in a human body
on planet earth to learn is, when to control with lies and when to
allow other individuals to be free and use their own KRC. If you can
learn that you are a true guru.

It is a very similar learning experience as what the Meditor learns
when he delivers live meditation to a premeditor. The meditor has to
learn to differentiate between the premeditors analytical mind and the
premeditors uncontrolled mind. Only if he is willing to assist the
being to become free analytically and at the same time is willing to
control the uncontrolled mind of the premeditor does he have success.

It is the ability to differentiate between theta and entheta.

When you have that ability you can build empires, but an empire is not
built in one lifetime if you want it to last for a thousand years.

If you can notice, that the organisation you belong to is making you
less and less dependant on it you have an org. that is setting you
free = Less control + more truth of your own.