From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 2 - August 1991

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A Few Notes about LRH(1)

By O.J.Roos(2), Holland

Over the years I have had much contact with LRH, mainly on Auditing
Technical matters, especially in the Saint Hill UK and in the Sea
Org days.
Early 1966 I had originated and set up one of the first 'OT Projects',
the LRH Finance Committee, to establish the exact amount owed to LRH
by Scientology. The final amount, he said, he 'forgave' the church.
The true amount owed was not all that much but he added several
on the price, being 'the cost and goodwill of Saint Hill'. The
was a grand PR gesture. He personally never paid a cent towards SHUK.

LRH as Teacher

He had a near total memory for details of places, names, events, etc.
His tremendous ability to recall details was phenomenal.
His knowledge of and his willingness to explain data, in this case
the points of energy flow, later seen in financial policy,
was inexhaustible.
He explained the movement of people and the flow of moneys through
businesses in a combination which outlined the ideal flow lines in
any organised endeavour. This scheme, originally laid out on cardboard
in his own handwriting, later became known as the Organisation Board.
He explained its background, where it came from, its flow lines, etc.,
in order to clarify the cohesion of auditing technology and
To go into this in detail would be too lengthy. Organisationally,
when correctly applied, it built me very successful businesses. He
was always a Researcher and Teacher, a Relay Point of Information!
He, like I, often worked at night and used to wander around Saint
Hill and later on the Flagship at late hours and would discuss matters
of Tech and Policy. He was most anxious in his wishes to truly be
duplicated and went to any lengths to have this happen.
In recent years I have heard him being accused of 'authoritarianism',
and though this was the case, in my experience he always, in his own
way, had great care in his efforts to get the Tech correctly applied.
In his Solo Research of the Upper Levels and with his Research
he was very exact and strict indeed in his Training and C/Sing, but
he would spend any amount of effort to bring genuine understanding.
Even when I was running the practical training of the Flag top
he would come and supervise and personally train myself in
the art of training!
LRH was an entirely different person when dealing with, talking
about, and explaining points of technology or policy, especially when
he was speaking on a one to one basis.
He was then different in that he was relaxed, and keyed out. He even
went to the point of calling me to his bedroom to have a person he
himself trained to talk to, to enable him to sort things out for
Especially on technical matters he wanted to be sure to be duplicated.
As mentioned in my letter to Antony, he was completely different when
keyed out. We all are, but not many have as much to be keyed out of.

LRH as auditor

Also when being audited by him, he created a space which was
safe beyond belief. Especially in the days of work on 'OT Abilities',
like levitation, exteriorisation from the physical universe (in the
early days of the then OT8 and upward on Flag in early 1968) he was
a completely different man.
This was no 'hidden data', but such personal lectures
gave quite another insight in the materials covered, especially as
he gave many examples out of his personal (very long) experience to
clarify the points made. The worth of these talks was inexpressible
in terms of material value.

LRH as research C/S

When he suddenly wanted further Testing/Research Auditing
done into specific phenomena, the basic causes of them as well as
the correct ways to handle them, were looked for and established.
When LRH was on the trail of something in his research he never left
off until he discovered, isolated, analysed and found ways to handle
what he was after. Although this put quite a lot of strain on him
and his body as well as on the few auditors who participated in this
work, I have never known him to stop until the point had been fully
handled! This has been the way in which he worked for as long as I
have known him. For example, years before the Sea Org a terminal
case on the Clearing Course had to be gotten through as major research
project. She was on this Solo Course way ahead of myself (the
which did not exactly make for easy auditing. His C/Sing got her
John McMaster (the world's first clear) had the pleasure of verifying
her Clear State, after which she immediately left the body. (In the
old days Clears did not just attest, but we were subjected to a series
of tests. We had to be able to produce certain E-meter phenomena at
will, we had to be able to demonstrate certain theta abilities.)
The auditing of this pc was done under LRH daily supervision/briefing,
showing not only the exactness he was capable of but even more his
She was a very old friend of his from the 1950 days and he
did everything he could do to get her before her death to the state
of Clear. I had to actually audit her through the Clearing Course.
Very early OT Practical Research started in the mid sixties with
the OT 2 Project Whole Track Recall, with myself as In Charge. We
were briefed by LRH. This was a Mission to Ireland which had to
do with special sections of OT 2. The briefing he gave was
accurate. The activity was top secret, we had to depart and return
without mentioning our destination or purpose to anyone.
The Mission was auditing technically a success, showing, as it
did, the validity of Whole Track Recall. He was searching for (and
found!) practical uses of this data in daily life. A few years later
some of the auditing data was used for his 'Mission into Time'
in the Mediterranean.
In those years his Solo Research, and his supervision of the
research work done by his auditors, was done on the same lines of
the unbelievable precision he later worked at instilling into Class
X to XII trainees in the days when he still personally supervised
their training on Flag.
@A6_PARA_HEAD = LRH as supervisor

(1)Amended as per 11.11.90 request
Antony Phillips on 16.11.90. [Editors Note: The first article I
from Otto, I felt could just has well appeared in Source, with
full church censorship in force. As I felt that our readers were
to 'all the facts' (see data series) and not to have possible
suppressed, I wrote to Otto asking for a more free article and this
is the result. It later turned out that there was a misunderstanding,
and Otto thought that I had said that our readers could not confront
anything negative on Ron.

(2)Otto J. Roos came into
Scientology in the late 1950's and became fully trained as an auditor.
He later went to Saint Hill (England) where he became a Class VII
Power auditor and worked under LRH C/S as Case Officer SH. In 1967
he went to the 'Sea Project', as the Sea Org was called in
its early beginnings, trained under LRH on the Flag VIII course, and
became Flag VIII C/S. He was among the first Class IX to XII auditors
under LRH C/S. He then became the Flag XII C/S. After also having
completed the FEBC (Flag Executive Briefing Course), LRH appointed
him as Class XII Tech Flub Catch and Control Officer W/W (world wide)
to supervise the application of the tech. He also worked as Research
Auditor on the OT levels and the Advanced X to XII data. After
disagreements with LRH he was 'thrown out' of  the Sea Org.
He arrived back in Europe with $100, and a huge 'free loader debt'
to the organization, which he paid while building up a world wide
network of businesses. Apart from his own ability, he ascribes his
results to his understanding and use of the ethics, tech, policy and
admin data, and upon what he learned from the personal contact he
had, working directly under and with Ron for many years. Ed.