From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 1 - May 1991

Self Help Books

Having been long in Scientology, and having seen prices rise to
astronomical figures I am very inclined to emphasise and pass on the
cheap or free aspects of scientology in improving conditions. True,
there are times when a person -requires- the attention of a really
learned and experienced auditor. We have some of these auditors
around, who (given a bit of cooperation from the recipient, and the
absence of 'unhandled present time problems') can crack practically
any case. These are often people who have been in scientology 20 or
more years, undergone a lot of training, also in c/sing, and they
often earn their daily bread from scientology. They deserve (and earn)
a reasonable hourly rate, at least equivelent to what would be charged
for consultancy in the computer world, for example.

But the C of $ has charged a high hourly rate (very high) for things
one could have done oneself (solo auditing), or could have done with a
friend (co-auditing). And the church has also made secret, and high
priced, rundowns which are -not- difficult to solo or co-audit (given
sufficient -good- training). Many of us have been 'educated' (or is
brainwashed a better word?) into believing that we can not get
anywhere without paying high prices.

It ain't neccessarily so...

As the song says! Solo and co-auditing can produce extremely good
results, and (at any rate in the free scientology world) one is
allowed to cognite out of session, perhaps from reading an article,
perhaps from talking with a friend, perhaps by 'trying an auditing
command on for size'.

Many professional auditors talked casually to their pcs out of session
(in this area, usually over a cup of coffee), perhaps giving data or
reffering the person to sources of data. The areas where people have
enourmous amounts of charge vary greatly but there are certain areas
where many people have charge, and there are books which 'indicate
charge' (to use a scn expression, see below), in these areas. There
are also auditors who have searched for suitable books, amongst them
Marian Dreher, an old time auditor in Anne Arbor, in the Northern
central USA. I quote verbatim her list at the end of this review.

Toxic Parents

I have wanted to read all of them, but so far have not found the time.
However I was fortunate enough to get a copy of "Toxic Parents", and
can strongly recommend it for the reading of any who have had any
problems with parents, from being overwhelmed with love to being
sexually abused, and a whole batch of variations in between. The point
is, that by reading this book (or the relevant parts) a person who has
'inherited' charge from connection with his or her parents gets the
opportunity of viewing poor parent child relationship objectively,
many of the examples will 'indicate'. That is to say the person will
be able to look at certain aberrated areas 'as-is' and will actually
remove all or much of the aberration without the need for an auditor
or any other kind of counsellor.

Get the book, for your own interest and for those of your preclears
who may need it. The american publisher of "Toxic Parents" is Bantam
Books, and it is available in danish with the title "Ud af Skyggerne"
(Toxic Parents), Forlag Borgen.


Marian Dreher's annotated bibliography

"Toxic Parents", Dr. Susan Forward: For anyone with a traumatic
childhood. Very empowering. Not at all victimy. Brings charge to
surface. Useful in a large number of cases.

"Adult children of Alcoholics": Brings a lot of charge to the surface
to be handled. A very common case condition. Also available in Danish.

"Women who love too much", by Robin Norwood: For women who get into
victim style relationships (obsessive "love"). A wonderful, rich,
useful book. Also available in Danish.

"Men who hate women and the women who love them": Why a woman goes for
men who will hate her, and what she does to make and keep the
relationship aberrated. Also available in Danish.

"Love and Addiction": The best of its type. Very heavy duty
exploration of aberrated relationships.

"Feeding the hungry heart": A positive approach to the problem of
overeating and what lies behind it.

"The lazy man's guide to enlightenment", Thaddeus Golas: Inspiration.
A wonderful, wonderful book.

"Creative vizualization", by S. Gawain: (She's an ex-scientologist, by
the way.) Orientation to a causative viewpoint. Also available in

"Dr. Ruth's guide to good sex": Great. Very informative. Clears up
misunderstoods and false data.

"Chaos": Understanding the universe.

"Victims no longer": For male victims of incest. Highly recommended.

"The Difficult Child": Great book. How to best handle the child and
one's life without going nuts. [There is more than one book with this
title. I got the one by Stanley Turecki, as soft cover by Bantam
Books, and it is good. Ed.]