From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 1 - May 1991

Identities & Tech
By O.J. Roos, Holland

(Otto Roos has been involved with scientology since the late 50's, and
worked closely with L.Ron Hubbard for a number of years. In our next
number we bring an article of his on his experiences, good and bad,
while in close association with LRH.)

Making a Technology which handles life and living dependant upon the
presence of a particular -person-, an individual, amounts to handing
over control over oneself to another. This person can then, if he so
desires, force all and sundry to do what he orders on penalty of
denying him/her the life bringing Data/Technology.

Auditing data, which was originally intended for all of Man,
eventually deteriorated into something available only to those who did
another's bidding without query or self determinism in the matter.

Any -Identity- representing Auditing Tech is not only not acceptable,
it is -Untruth- and it makes the Tech unworkable as it violates the
very reason for the Tech, i.e. the increase of Self Determinism.

Despite my having received requests in that direction, I never had any
intention of becoming yet another 'Source' in the independent field,
it is a not needed item - correct application of the Tech is! The old
theory was that one needed this top identity, the -person-, to align
oneself and one's own actions by. It was LRH's idea as to how to keep
the show together, and others in line. It failed!

I was in this position, representing Standard Tech, for years. In
fact, the reason LRH originally established the Class XII Tech Flub
Catch Hat was to get the Tech applied and continued the way it should

The fault in LRH's reasoning as 'Sole Source' was that one does not
need an identity which represents something or other, least of all the

Those who do need such a terminal, if they truly want to attain one of
the goals of auditing, i.e. lack of dependency, better not need it for
too long. The only terminal which represents the Tech for me is the
Tech itself, not any -person-, not even LRH.

I would never work to keep some identity or other in function in order
to salvage a movement, for the simple reason that the basic premise
that such is needed, or even workable in the long run, is needed, or
even workable in the long run, is false.

The stability comes from the -truth- in the -data-. It does not stem
from any identity.


The only thing in all of existence worth striving for is to convey the
message, and the skills, to enable all to become -their own- stable

There is an entire planet out there which wants and needs auditing
Tech. So why waste time fighting battles? Just getting on -delivering-
is what the Tech/Policy/Admin is all about. It's a good game, in fact
there's no other game. It is the only game. If people don't want to
play it, all right - everybody has the right to play or not. But to
look for some identity, guru, or other type 'master', becoming
dependant on him/her to help one out of one's problems, directly
conflicts with the purposes and practice of any case handling.

The Tech

The person who truly -owns- the data serves only the Tech, and never
has to sell it short for economic, PR, false 'status', or any other

There is no 'new' Tech, this I can tell you. The only difficulty is to
know -what- part of the Tech to use -when-, to handle what.

You have to recognize the next step when it comes, and you have to
know, or have the ability to find out, how to handle it.

There are more advanced procedures. In the old days the ability to
handle these was shown in the different auditor classifications.
Although these classifications may at times have been used for status,
their basic idea was to indicate an increased level of skill and
ability to handle more advanced procedures, i.e. a degree of KRC!

To make the Tech dependant upon an identity, a particular individual,
which happened in the old church, where a Founder was elevated to god
like status, may well make such a 'god' interesting but doesn't help

Dependence may be well and good for those who need tin pot gods but
making oneself dependant on them has very little use for people who
want to get on, up, and in increased ARC with themselves and their