From International Viewpoints (IVy) Issue 1 - May 1991

New Realities,
by Mark Jones, USA

The Four Belief Systems On How We Create Our Realities

There are four operating viewpoints on this planet at this time on how
we create our realities and experiences. Since on this plane of
existence, we create our realities and experiences from the beliefs we
hold, all four can be shown to have validity.

Most of us entertain the belief that our physical state and condition
affects our emotional, mental and spiritual state. We know that when
our back or head aches that we feel pain and are in less than a
serene, spiritual state.

We also recognize that when we are spiritually disoriented that it
will affect our mental, emotions and physical state.

Many of us still explain to ourselves and others that the way we are
is a result of what we have done or what has happened to us in the
past. In other words the past influences or determines our present

Fourth, we may recognize that our postulates and intentions for the
future conditions we want has a great deal to do with what we are
doing and how we are feeling now.

Depending on our beliefs, an address using any of the four can produce
change. However, the past, as LRH has pointed out is only a vibration
we started in the past and are continuing to create in the present on
a subaware level. We may not have to go back now to the time when we
started the vibration to recognize and change it, if we can recognize
that the postulate and the belief we formed then and which we are
continuing to create now is what keeps the vibration going. Our
experiences, the result of our vibrations, are giving us all the
feedback we may need to discover the beliefs from which we are
creating them. Then, our beliefs and vibrations can be changed now.

To the degree that we believe in and are willing to visualize and
postulate the future we want, it will be the main determinant of both
our future and our present. Try it and see.