International Viewpoints

International Viewpoints!"The Magazine's aim: In 1934 the book Scientologie by A. Nordenholz was published. In the middle of the twentieth century the subject of Scientology was greatly expanded as a philosophy and technology by L. Ron Hubbard and a big band of helpers...
It is this large subject that International Viewpoints deals with, and it is our aim to promote communication within this field..."

Issue 18 - August 1994

This Day
By Nicolay Brovcenko, Australia
The Bridge above Advanced Levels
By Palle P. Pedersen, Denmark
Kemp's Column
By Ray Kemp, USA
Time And Tide
More on Goals
By Antony A Phillips, Denmark
By Leonard Dunn, England
New Realities
By Mark Jones, USA
Finding and Eliminating Blockages to Evolvement

Scientology - a Workable System?
By Hari Seldon, Trantor
A Proposal
By Frank Gordon, USA

Greetings, Dennis Stephens
By James Moore, England
Philosophical Viewpoints
By Todde Salen, Sweden
A View from the Bridge
By Eric Townsend, England
Chapter Six(a)
Grade Two - Overts, Withholds and all that.
A reply to Britta Burtles, or Was the Discussion Unseemly?
by Ray Harman, Australia
The Game of Life and its Laws
By Leonard Dunn, England
Reminiscences of Ron -1
Ron comes to England
By Dennis H. Stephens, Australia

Giving versus receiving
Auditing (Gains from training vs auditing)
By Todde Salen, Sweden
By Flemming Funch, USA
The next fifty years, or, is scientology popular?
By Ray Harman, Australia
from The Pied Pipers of Heaven
by L.Kin, currently Earth
Be a Tease or Be at Ease
By Jim Burtles, England
A Very Short Story
By Britta Burtles, England
Classic Comment
by Terry E. Scott, England
Old Cuffs
Letters to the Editor
Book News