International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998

Letter to the Editor:

About Knowledgism

Dear Ant,

RENÉE AND I have just arrived back from the USA and Alan Walter's Knowledgism group in Dallas. This time Renée got her codes (she is codée nr. 156 -- I became number 148 in August).

Renée is very pleased with her codes, just as I was when I came back in August. Alan Walter has done a fantastic job in researching "the GPM bank" and thus finding "the Codes" and developing the technology to deliver these codes.

I did read the article "Knowledgism -- A Technology for the 21st Century" (see page 8. Ed.). It gives a very good picture about the whole thing as I have "U" it. Not much to add, except I would prefer to write it in a way that is easier for SCNists to "U".

The fantastic break through in processing technology that Alan has done by developing the Codes is really something. Both René and I admire him for this.

When Alan worked on the "GPM-project" under LRH in the early sixties there were both successful actions taken and failures. Eventually Hubbard decided to stop the "GPM-project" and go for building the Scn bridge". But Alan did not agree. He continued to solo-process himself as well as co-processing with others. After more than 30 years, in April 1994, he eventually grasped the importance of the Codes, and developed the processes which allow others to discover their Codes. And he opened his center in Dallas, Texas, delivering the codes. Since then more than 150 individuals have had their codes located.

It is not possible to inform a person who has not had their codes rehabilitated what it is all about, but it is very much like Charlie Dunn says in his article (referring to what Alan Walter says): "The codes are the reason for you to exist as a live thetan. Knowing this, it is possible to straighten out your life as a thetan. Just like in the teachings of Dharma -- learning the laws of life + your meaning of life".

I strongly recommend old time Scnists to go to Dallas for their codes. The cost of the codes course is presently $3,500 and that includes 10 hours of processing. The Knowledgism group has good processors. Colin Mills is delivering the set-up and "polishing up" after the codes. Eric Wolery delivers the codes. Both are excellent and know their business.

Todde Salén, Sweden