International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998

Classic Comment
By Terry Scott, England

Star Wars?

I WOULD LIKE to offer an entry point into Astrology for Independents, for I have been studying the subject with the tools of tech for four decades.

According to L. Ron Hubbard, a facsimile incorporates all perceptions, such as visio, audio, and so on. Evidently, star data, too, are recorded: the pattern of the planets in the solar system, which changes moment by moment.

If a being is involved in an event that has either high aesthetic or intense charge, any facsimiles of it can be restimulated at a later date by similar star data.

These can occur when one or more planets returns in its orbit to the same position in the heavens held during the incident. Or it can be another planet, but the same point in the heavens.

Remember your Dianetics: for restimulation to occur, factors in the environment have to approximate those that were present in the original incident.

A being takes part in a battle in May 1867 and his facsimiles record the pattern of the planets at the time. One of the planets is Pluto (I will specify just one to keep it simple) at a point in the heavens labeled, by astrologers, "15 degrees of Taurus".

The star data sit in the mind like a time bomb. We have a standard facsimile plus the factor not known in our tech until now: Star data.

In February 1989, present time Pluto in the solar system has reached 15 degrees of Scorpio i<%5>n its orbit cycle around the solar system. Although this is not all the way back to 15 Taurus, the "opposition" (plus 180 degrees) is restimulative enough, and nudges the 1867 incident in the bank.

Depending on his case state, the being turns on somatics or feelings, dramatizes chopping people's heads off, or picks up a fresh body and acts out a lifetime that is a spin-off from the 19th century identity.

Or, if he is in very good shape, he is aware of the restimulation in some fashion, and handles it. Also, auditing for example might release him from restimulation or, better, locate and erase the charge.

Restimulation goes away when the planet moves on through its orbit, but some planets move relatively slowly in terms of their own year<196>cycles.

(In approximate figures, Pluto orbits in a 250-year (Earth year) period, Neptune in 165, Uranus in 85, Saturn in 30 Jupiter in 12, and so on.)

This is Astrology for Independents at the Dianetics level. A being may do strange things when present time planetary positions coincide with or oppose or otherwise strongly relate to star data in the being's mind.