International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998


Objectives (5)
By Muriel Chen, Australia

JUDITH AND RUSSELL, thank you for your interesting contributions. You have inspired me to share my own experiences. Thank you.

My first auditing was of about 50 hours. It began with CCH's and then continued with alternate sessions of CCH's and Joburg. My case began to be handled.

I remember in the Joburg there was a question "Have you ever been a cannibal?" or similar wording. It always read and there were never any answers I could find. It was many years later I found the answer and it came in contemplation of the joke which the auditor told me in place of the loss of not finding an answer to fit the read. This is it: "Did you hear about the cannibal who 'passed' his friend in the forest?"

It was and is the only joke I ever remember. I got my other gains from the Objectives.

Then when I began training there were more. Then on staff, each time a student needed someone to practice upon I volunteered. I have done hundreds of hours and each time I get more gain. And every time I get more awareness of the nature of now. And each time I see more of how I create my own now. I think one could resolve the riddle of the universe this way! Anyone want more practice running them now?

When I did my dianetic internship I began my PC on Objectives. We ran them for weeks. He found and ran his locks and his secondaries and then his engrams. He ran his grades and turned on all the valences that were there. He came more and more into present time. He ran out all PTSness. When we finished there seemed to be nothing in his life or awareness that he did not wish to be there. He began creating a brand new life. Dianetic Auditing brought in nothing so I had to get a new PC. Many years later I saw him again and he is still making life successfully and happily.

When someone wants to expand through confronting the barriers to expansion, any process works. In my opinion the simpler more direct ones work the best.