International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998


Objectives (4)
By Judith Anderson, Australia

Dear Russell, Great Post.

I STARTED MY auditing with Objectives, i.e. Give me that Hand -- and the bracket. There were a lot of hours I remember with Stanley Richards, and as they were done before Grades and Floating needles were known, in l965 when they were rehabbed for the Grades, and from those Objectives I had three grades (the others were then run). I did have things key in out of session, and from that I realised I had a bank!! They empowered me.

Later, on Power, I went exterior and that experience was my most dramatic, and I've often ascribe my early Objectives to that win.

A friend of mine had 8 hrs of Objectives and huge wins and no auditing since, and could run disburbing events in past lifetimes (often clinging on to her husband) and recalling being in them, and running them out. She has been high toned ever since.