International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998


Objectives (3)
(The following three articles first appeared on the private Internet list IVy-subscribers,
in response to a request I made. The list is open to subscribers to IVy. Ed.)

By Russell Stockdale, Australia

ANTONY, YOU ASKED for anecdotes concerning Objectives.

I had my Objectives done in the church by well trained auditors. The processes turned on and ran out a lot of mental stuff I'd had sitting there for a long time. One particular highlight, on "Book and Bottle" was exteriorization with full perception. That is I looked down on my body, the auditor, the room. Although it only lasted a few seconds (no way was I gonna stay out there!) I gained a total certainty then that I was NOT the body. I had had two similar exteriorisations before this. The first was when first taking LSD and the other was on my first parachute jump. Another major Objectives result for me was the ability (as a thetan) to do anything forever. There were other, major life enhancements as a combined result of scientology study, Objectives, grades, etc.

After two years of scientology I started writing poetry, limericks and songs, taught myself guitar, keyboard, and computers. In my forties I got back into martial arts, then into ballroom dancing to bronze medal standard. I doubt if I would have gotten to OTIII without the Objectives well done. Now I am doing upper level solo auditing in the Free Zone. Without those Objectives I would probably only be able to talk about scn. Now I can, and am, doing it.