International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998

Magic of Static
By Lars Peter Schultz, Denmark

SCIENTOLOGISTS OR FORMER Scientologists seem to have different ideas regarding the term "thetan". Personally I believe that a thetan is a life static that has no mass, no wave-length and no location in space and time; but there are people who say that the thetan is some kind of connection between the static and the body. A bit surprising, since the connection between the static and the body as far as I know is called the mind, so that we have these 3 subjects: Thetan -- Mind -- Body.


If scientologists or former ones have different ideas concerning the word "thetan", then they also have different ideas concerning the idea of "operating thetan". This means that they have different goals when they say that their goal is operating thetan. Some -- when they say operating thetan -- are talking about "operating static", others are really talking about "operating mind". Both things are great since it is an excellent idea to have good awareness and ability at a static level as well as at a mind level. And if we include the third level "operating body" and decide to have good awareness and ability on all 3 subjects, then life can be very pleasant.

With teamwork

How can you know which level you are operating on? Very often you will probably know intuitively and feel fine with that. If you have a good balance between the levels it makes sense to believe that all 3 levels can operate simultaneously. As an example, let's take me writing this article. It's easy to see that there is a good "teamwork" between the body and the mind. The body movements -- typing the words and looking with my eyes during the typing -- are obviously the body working. All the arguments that I have written are the mind working. Where is the static?

Well, the static has no location in space and time, but this indicates that it has another kind of "location" which is beyond physical terms. With this in mind we'd better abandon trying to tell where it is. We can do something else, we can sense the static. I think that the static level of this article is some kind of individual essence that shines through the words when you read them and thus you can sense it. It is individual because I am an individual life static. If you wrote an article, the words would radiate a different essence and thus give another experience for the reader.

Clarification of reality

Since there are different opinions regarding the word "thetan", let's do what we all have been taught to do, look up the word in a dictionary, in this case the Tech Dictionary. When we do that we will soon realize that the Tech Dictionary has a whole row of definitions and some of the definitions seem to be in conflict. One of the definitions says that thetan means "the awareness of awareness unit, which has all potentialities but no mass, no wave-length and no location". This is clearly the life static. Another definition says that thetan means "the being who is the individual and who handles and lives in the body". This definition says that the thetan does have a location in space -- in the body -- so what do we believe?

Personally I have decided to regard the definitions in the Tech Dictionary as indicating different possible levels of consciousness thus suggesting that one can experience those levels (at least theoretically). One could also say that they suggest different possible states of mind and these suggestions may or may not help one find truth and personal reality concerning life.

Unique creativity

An interesting point is that the Tech Dictionary in several of the definitions states that thetan means the individual. "Individual" means something unique, something with its own quality and that makes it a bit hard for any person to fit any definition 100%. Because of this you could decide that there is a consciousness level called the level of your own personal quality. You could "operate" from that level making very personal definitions of the word "thetan". It could result in amazing definitions. Here are 7 such individual definitions. You could also call them 7 remarkable postulates or 7 creative catchy suggestions of individual life concerns, derived from the enchanted library of the magic masters of poetry, art and joy. So here we go:

1. Weirdness and magic sounds of missing locations.
2. Intuitive power generator.
3. One's higher greatness.
4. Behind, above, beside, underneath or elsewhere -- depending on what it thinks itself -- we have the real realness that really makes things real.
5. The uniqueness of oneself.
6. Ability unit.
7. Sooth saying source soul.

Having a heart

Until now this article has only discussed those 3 levels called "thetan -- mind -- body". There is a fourth level called "having a heart". If you understand the importance of that level and "operate with it" then it is like knowing a spice that gives the meal a special touch of excitement.

Sometimes people don't dare to open their hearts for some reason or another, but it can be done gradually with a gentle approach. "Operating having a heart" is a nice and powerful kind of magic.

Concluding poetically

And thus we have plenty of excellent opportunities to enjoy the richness and warmth from the sparkling feelings of life.