International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 35 - January 1998

Knowledgism -- A Technology for the 21st Century
(This article is taken in the main from the Internet Home Page of Knowledgism.)
By Charlie Dunn, USA

THIS IS A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -- or, at least, an attempt to provide some answers to frequently asked questions from participants in our Discussion Group.

First, a "re-cap" of our "Mission Statement" from our "Netiquette" file:

The Knowledgism Discussion Group (On Internet) is designed for you and others who want to continue their pursuit of expansion of self, who have the goals to come together in open discussion. Appropriate topics for discussion are: The handling of...

* Abuse
* Unwanted conditions
* Upsets
* Failure to continue progressing upward
* Anything which limits your prosperity, success and happiness.

This is a World Wide forum for increasing Truth and Knowledge.

In the Technology of Knowledgism, we have made momentous technical breakthroughs on the subject of Abuse, and it is clear that there is an "addiction to abuse on this planet". One of our goals will be to assist individuals in getting over that addiction. We certainly will not add to it or to allow anyone else to do so.


Answers to frequently asked questions:
Who is Alan Walter?

For their book 21st Century Leadership, authors Lynne Joy McFarland, Larry E. Senn, and John R. Childress, chose Alan C. Walter as one of America's Top 100 Leaders -- along with Lee Iacocca, H. Ross Perot, Bill Gates and others. The writers quote Mr. Walter's viewpoints about what will be required of future leaders. Their book is recommended reading. It is available in major bookstores.

Alan C. Walter is recognized as one of America's top leaders because of his far-reaching accomplishments, which include his leading-edge research into Human Potential, and his ability to lead and train others to be Champions in their chosen fields.

Alan was born in London, and was a small boy there during World War II while German bombs were falling. While still very young, he lived briefly in Wales, and then, finally, his family moved to Australia, where Alan grew up.

Success at an early age

As early as the age of 13, Alan found he could not conform to the existing paradigm. He left the public school system because he realized he was being taught that he couldn't do things, not that he could. He began a life long quest for knowledge through self-education and experience. Even at that early age, he demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities, taking his savings of $30 and buying a horse and some dogs in order to work as a drover in the Outback of Australia. Soon, the young man was making more money in a day than his father earned in a week.

At the age of 19, with no experience, Alan decided he wanted to become a football player. Within 2 years, he became a professional, and ultimately became a top Champion on the National Australian Football scene. At the same time, he began building a national sales organization that quickly grew to over 400 sales people.

Over the years, Alan has experienced great success in business, becoming a self-made millionaire. All the while, his continuing interest has been in the field of human potential. Since 1964, he has worked with over 250,000 people, many in Fortune 500 companies, training them to be Champions in their chosen fields. His techniques are known for being the most advanced anywhere.

He has written a number of books, including The Secrets To Increasing Your Power; Wealth And Happiness, or How To Unleash The Champion Hidden Within You; The Paradigm Matrix -- Its Effects On Future Prosperity And Human Events; and Gods In Disguise.

While continuing his research, he also conducts special training programs based on his discoveries.

Alan has been one of the most successful operators of human potential centers in the world. He was responsible for opening 30 Scientology franchies in major cities, many of which became organizations.

Years ago, when Alan first read about the state of "clear" in the book, Dianetics, he decided that the abilities described in the book were attainable. His discoveries, as of now, seem to indicate that an individual's potential is even much greater than originally thought; in fact, there seems to be no limit to human potential. "Human potential", of course, can be better understood as "Spiritual Potential". That's where the true advancement begins.

The Ascension Experience

What makes Knowledgism different from all the other enhancement programs? The answer: It's effectiveness!

For example, this is the only technology that can handle the Ascension Experience Phenomena.

It is not at all unusual, in various practices, for an individual to suddenly feel "Empowered". At such a time, the being feels absolutely wonderful. This state has been described by various terms. Some label it "Cosmic Consciousness", others would call it a "Giant Key-Out". Still others may describe it as "Going Up The Pole". It is a big blow-out -- a huge win in which the being feels all powerful.

Alan Walter writes about it in his book Gods In Disguise:

Much, much more is being uncovered as the research into the ascension experience phenomena gains pace. It has been found that when someone is triggered into an ascension experience, vast changes take place spiritually, mentally, in mind shifts, in the body, and in the physical universe.

At the time of the ascension experience, the being has a massive realization of his actual potential. He becomes huge and very, very causative -- empowered. He knows he can succeed at anything, and he gets into action. This is where the booby trap begins.

In his book, Alan goes on to describe the various phases of such an experience. The good news is that it feels wonderful, and that the individual gains a sense of his own power, with a strong sense of immortality. The bad news is that the state is often short-lived, and it may likely bring on an aftermath of negative consequences.

If you have known anyone who had great gains, only to "crash in flames" later, you have observed this phenomenon.

Someone who had been in an earlier practice recently wrote:

I've had some superb processing; slowly, gradually but inevitably the results fade away and actually I'm at a new low point. The phrase, "the bigger they are the harder they fall" applies here. I've attained phenomenal ascension states with expanded awareness and ability but in 6 months feel like I'm worse off than before the processing. It's easier to fall from 10 feet than 1,000 feet!

That's the way it used to be. Fortunately, Alan has discovered the reason for the phenomenon -- and the remedy for it. There is now a steady stream of individuals from other practices coming to the Advanced Leadership Center to not only have the negative consequences from earlier processing repaired, but to realize dramatic new gains.

The Codes

Another way Knowledgism is different is the momentous discovery of "The Codes".

The discovery of The Codes has put to rest, once and for all, the question of whether every individual should be run on the same processes. The answer is "no".

It has been discovered that each individual has unique "Codes" which the being assumed prior to entering the physical universe. These "Codes" are the individual's personal agenda. They are unique to the being. When your writer first asked Alan to explain the nature of the codes, Alan made a simple, direct statement: "They are your reason for living", he said.

The discovery of the Codes was a tremendous breakthrough, because that meant that each being has to have the technology programmed specifically for him. The processes have to fit against the person's code. That means each case is a complete unit unto itself. It is accurate to state that, for the first time, when a being finds his own Codes, he will run on his own case -- not some other imagined case. This, of course, saves a lot of hours of processing, because, as Alan discovered, an individual can run on someone else's case for a very long time.

Individuals who have regained their "Codes" and had training, express extreme satisfaction. The famous painter, Roy Kerswill, recalls writing to Alan before he came to Dallas for services:

Alan, I hope you will not fail us. I know there is a way out. You claim to have it. So also did earlier practices, and they betrayed us. I want you to know we shall not forgive you if you betray us. Betrayal after trust is one of the most devastating traps into which one can fall.

Roy then writes of his experiences that followed:

Then I paid my money and arrived in Dallas. On the second day of my work here, I obtained that which I sought. I can tell you that what Alan has claimed he provides is indeed here for you to obtain and experience. It's yours! Go for it! Whatever it takes for you to obtain this, it is worth it and I must tell you it is all you dared to wish for, hoped for, or expected.

The files at the Advanced Leadership Center in Dallas are packed with success stories that express similar enthusiasm.

Handling abuse

The news about a recent breakthrough was virtually "hot off the press" in early 1996. That discovery by Alan has to do with the terrible technical ramifications of abuse.

He wrote in a bulletin on January 24, 1996:

I have been responsible for the training and processing of hundreds of thousands of people over the last 45 years. This quantity of time and people has given me a unique and very experienced view of cases, plus the human manifestations of regained abilities, awarenesses, power, strength and cleverness caused by these processes and training exercises.

I have also experienced first hand all those processes and exercises on myself. These procedures must work on me as well as my staff, clients and students.

The discovery of the effects of abuse is a momentous event, as it unlocks a huge area of cases that have never previously been properly handled.

The action of an abuser in creating and introducing an unwanted want into your time and space cause your Spiritual, Mental and Body machinery to malfunction.

Alan provides the following definition:

Abuse is getting something you don't want, or being stopped from getting something you do want.

Think about it. Anytime you have had something shoved onto you that you didn't want, there is a degree of abuse. Anytime you have failed to get what you wanted, that also could be abuse.

Using the above definition, that makes us all abusers, doesn't it?

Obviously, not every time an individual receives something he didn't want does it leave a mark. If the spiritual being is in good shape at the time, he just shoves the effect away -- in essence, nullifying it.

But what about when he shoves back and it doesn't go away. What if it overwhelms him a bit and he really fights back? Well... he gets stuck with it. Physically and telepathically.

There is a terrible contagion of abuse on this planet. The abused become the abusers, who then abuse others, who then become abusers and abuse others, ad infinitum.

Abuse has become a significant topic in the public mind. When we recently checked on the Internet's World Wide Web, we found 23,019 documents dealing with Abuse. But the most catastrophic kind of abuse was not even noticed. Abuse occurs on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual levels. In each of these levels, there is a form of subtle abuse -- which is the most damaging of all.

On a Mental Level, the subtle abuse is inflicted to the mind by misprogramming and pain done in an underhanded, subtle way. Examples are drugs, alcohol, false or destructive teachings, friends lying, cheating, betraying, giving false and wrong data.

On a Spiritual Level, the subtle abuse will occur in such conditions as having your creations,destroyed by betrayal and treachery, being betrayed by a loved one; loving someone who is dishonest and corrupt; not maintaining your spirituality by making your mind, body, identity -- or material objects -- more important than you; playing small non-spiritual games, denying the vast scope of your spiritual powers; not living up to your codes, virtues, principles and honor, etc.

Real life

There is a chronic addiction to abuse on planet Earth. So much so that the most harmful kind of abuse -- the insidious kind -- goes virtually unnoticed.

We all carry the marks of abuse.

The reason "abuse" doesn't resolve in the usual way that other stress items do, is that, since the abuse was originally created by someone else, the individual can't merely glance at it and make it disappear. The Knowledgism Abuse Handling Technology is designed to resolve that difficulty.

The effects of cults and cultures

There has been another major technical breakthrough in 1997. It deals with the "molding" that we have received from cults and cultures in which we've been involved.

Alan wrote:

"There is a very deadly trap that all of us have been in at one time or another. That trap is the identity we wear.

"What makes it so deadly is the fact that it is created by outside forces -- by our parents, our schools, our friends, the culture we live in. All these combined create and mold a being into a conforming, controllable identity. They program you how to think, how to be, how to operate, how to act, what is acceptable or not, what level of income is OK, what it is OK to live in, what is OK for you to own, what you should be willing to be responsible for, etc., etc."

The latest technical breakthrough deals with how to handle the effects of Cults and Cultures.

The major areas

Four major areas have been addressed in this article: The Ascension Experience Phenomenon, The Codes, our Abuse Technology, and the handling of Synthetic Identities created by Cults and Cultures. This information is what we at the Advanced leadership Center consider to be very important for anyone who has begun the spiritual path as many of us have.

There is one other area that is extremely significant. It is described in a lecture by Alan entitled "Miracles and Magic". In that lecture, Alan describes the liabilities of treating the spiritual beings in an individual's space as liabilities, and seeking to get rid of them. That action can produce severe case difficulties. For example, it would be insane to seek to drive away a Guardian Angel, wouldn't it? The tape recording of Alan's lecture is available from the Center.

For more information

We invite your questions. If you have access to the Internet, our web page can provide a great deal of very useful information -- including some actual processes that you can use with another to greatly enhance the quality of life.

We are also offering IVy readers a free tape of a recent lecture by Alan on the subject of Cults and Cultures. If you would like a copy just write or send e-mail to me (Charlie Dunn) at the address below.

The Advanced Leadership Center, 3330 Earhart Drive, Suite 213, Dallas, TX 75006.
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