International Viewpoints (IVy), Issue 33 - August 1997

By Alan Walters, USA

MASTERY: n. 1. Having full power and control over a subject or area. 2. The knowledge and skill of a master. 3. Being able to consistently produce products of excellent quality. 4. Having and demonstrating the full Green Zone Truth Phenomena <Green Zone (See Knowledgism web page on the Internet -- and scroll down to bulletin No. 11. Green Zone Truth Phenomenon). In the Green Zone, Truth, Knowledge, Honor (Honesty), Intelligence, High Mood Level, Prosperity, Happiness, Love, and Ethics are synonymous. The Green Zone is the best place to be. There are three other Zones.> over the subject or area.

The demonstration of excellence and understanding is the product of Philosophy, Policy, and Technology, and is either Integrity or Mastery.

The truth is these parts create layers, thus you get levels of existences and conditions of existences. The Being cycles through the P -- P -- T -- M's.

Even a full blown "wino <U.S. Slang, an alcholic addicted to wine. World Book Dictionary. >" follows this sequence. Philosophy: Obliteration of memory and feelings. Policy: Get the most alcohol at the cheapest price. Technology: Go to the wine store, buy a gallon jug of $2 wine, drink it. Mastery: Obliterated.

Mastering a new technology or subject

The highest Green Zone level (in Knowledgism) is mastery. The reason for this is, at Mastery the Being maintains his integrity, knowledge, action, awareness, perception, empathy, responsibility, communication and harmony with the subject or subjects he has mastered.

The technology of mastering is the high quality training that moves a Being up the Levels of Existence on a subject.

Mastery attainment

To master any subject one has to master the parts. The mastered parts meld together to make one the master of a subject.

This is the secret that has made every great person great, and has produced masterpieces. They mastered the parts and thus were able to master the whole.

The term that defines a great work of art, writing, music, craft, or superlative action is called a masterpiece. A master-piece
is of mastered pieces or mastered parts.

In our language, you would have a floating T/A on all parts and the whole subject or area.

So the basic step of mastering anything is to break it down into its pieces or parts.

Integrity come by mastering the parts. Amateurs have very little integrity!

Take the great master painters of the Renaissance: Raphael, da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. These great artists served long apprenticeships learning to make their own paints, brushes, and canvasses. They did such arduous and menial tasks as sweeping out the studios, getting the food and running errands, carrying out garbage and disposing of excreta. They learned to market their paintings and get sponsors as well as learning the skills of their art. So masterful were they at doing all these pieces that their masterpieces have lasted hundreds of years.

Raphael was perfect at drawing a circle freehand. When he called on friends and found them not at home, he would leave a drawing of a perfect circle. They would know that Raphael had been by.

That is what professionalism is all about. It is mastering the pieces and never, never, never settling for mediocrity or quitting.

Measuring mastery

Mastery can be measured by one's own estimate of achievement, the judgement of others, and the objective evaluation as by computer analysis.

Often, in the beginning, it can be only you who "knows" you have attained mastery. As the word gets out, then others marvel at your mastery. Then you have an audience, often you may have to master these extra skills, sales, marketing, recruiting, production, leadership, etc. in order to get your product out and known and make a decent living. Most people's survival problems can be traced to a failure to master these other skills.

Many artists only concentrate on their art, they often die broke and unknown.

The products of mastery

There are many products of Mastery. Here are some:

1.Truth -- The precise duplication of people, things, subjects, locations, shapes, happenings, moods and intentions.

2.Knowledge -- All that has been perceived or grasped by the spirit, the mind; awareness, comprehension, learning, and quality application.

3.Certainty -- A firm, settled belief or positiveness in the truth of something; not to be doubted.

4.Ability -- The paradigm of Spirit -- Perceive -- Intend -- Envision -- Implement -- Result.

5.Competence -- Being well qualified and capable; ability.

6.Effectiveness -- Producing a definite or desired result; efficient.

7.Winning -- A consistant and natural ability in reaching or achieving a specified product, condition or place; intending a goal and achieving it.

8.Higher Green Zone Mood Levels -- Aesthetic, exhilaration, action, spirit of play, empowerment, truth, serenity of beingness.

9.Respect of Self and others who seek or attain Mastery.

10.Certainty of actions and results.

11.Effortless control of Self and actions.

12.Honor -- Can deliver what you promised. Able to keep your word.

13.Trust -- Can be relied upon.





18.Creativity and originality.

19.Freedom from domination.

20.Sovereignty over and ownership of own universe.

These products are interactive with each other. They manifest naturally when a Being has Mastery over an area or subject.

In learning

Mastery is a vital subject. It is the full EP <E.P. End Phenomenon = very good indicators e.g. laughter, smiling, cognition/s (ah-ha's) with E-meter needle "floating".> of the cycle of learning. ie. Student, apprentice, (intern), journeyman, craftsman, master.

Any subject not taken to mastery is an incomplete study cycle. With too many incomplete study cycles and you end up as a mediocre or dysfunctional identity.

If a being took every subject to mastery, there would be no GPM's (Goals/problems/mass) or degraded identities. At mastery a Being can mock-up or unmock super Being or Prime identities at will.

At mastery you have wholeness of a subject -- the Philosophy -- Policy -- and Technology, you're above the Games conditions of Life, you operate purely on a win-win motivation.

A "case" <"case" -- the composite of the Being's misemotions, traumas, misadventures etc. that cause him/her to act as s/he does> is basically a composition of events of "failure to master" harmonious relationships and interactions with Beings, people, places, things and subjects.

When you process a being to a full EP on a process, you have completed the "failure to master" on a specific area or subject. This gets demonstrated by incredible improvements in effectiveness and demonstrations of competence in life. You get a balanced, harmonious relationship and interaction with the spirit, mind, body and product of yours and with others.

Most of today's processing (clearing) is being run far too shallowly, consequently you do not get the life gains that should occur. It may take years to get a full EP of mastery on an area or subject, but until a Being does achieve mastery in the area or subject, that process is unflat. It may take the handling of many other related areas, but, the EP must be mastery, or it is an incomplete action. The area of "mastery" may well be the most charged area on a case, consequently it is heavily avoided, this is a "huge tacit sabotage" agreement area, and has many misdirectors connected to it. The biggest failure in all training and education is the failure to take at least one area to mastery. If a Being never takes one area to mastery, that Being has sentenced itself to an eternity of mediocrity or worse. <This and the preceding article by Peter Graham first appeared on a private Internet group (list). They have since been revised.>

<When still a young boy in England in the 1940s, Alan Walter had what he describes as a "Gold Zone" Experience. For a brief magical time, he was outside of Time and Space as a Spiritual Being, perceiving from that viewpoint. He never forgot that experience, and, when he had similar experiences later, they ignited his interest. He began a quest for knowledge that inspired over 40 years of research, and resulted in a highly advanced technology which many feel is at least a generation ahead of anything similar. A portion of his research and experience was within the Church of Scientology. He trained at St. Hill under the direct supervision of Ron Hubbard in the 1960s, and he was active in research being conducted at that time. In recent years, Alan founded the Knowledgism Group in Dallas, Texas, where the major services using his technology are delivered and currently resides in North Texas, within driving distance of the Dallas headquarters. More information on his technology is available from: The Advanced Leadership Center, 3339 Earhart Drive, Suite 213, Dallas, TX 75006, USA. Tlf (972) 404-8125. E-mail:; Web Page:>

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