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This area is an archive for some of the things associated with IVy.

IVy (short for International Viewpoints) was originally a magazine, issued from 1991 to 2008 on paper (89 issues) and in 2009 and 2010 over Internet. There grew up an Internet list and Home page associated with it, and some conferences where held. All this was associated with the subject of Scientology, but by and for people who where not connected in any way to the Church of Scientology, or its many affiliates (many had been associated, and had fled or been thrown out).

What is presented here is articles from the first twenty issues of IVy, in text form, which will gradually be supplemented by most of the later issues, made into pdf files, and some items sent to the Internet list, which we have permission from the authors to publish on the Internet. The list is a private list, which one pays for to join and will close on Dec 31st 2012. If you have any questions, please write to "Ant Phillips ant.phillips@post8.tele.dk" (the former editor and list administrator).

IVy, the magazine, was started by Antony Phillips building on the ground work of a Danish language magazine Uafhængige Synspunkter (Independent Viewpoints), started by an eager group of enthusiasts in the mid 1980's (Antony was thrown out of the “Church” of Scientology in 1983, and many left or were thrown out about that time – a big exodus). There were many that helped with IVy over the years, in a number of countries, co-ordinated by Antony, who acted as the chief editor.

IVy Magazine’s Aim

The aim of International Viewpoints is to relay communication amongst those interested in the positive use of MetaScientology. MetaScientology is defined as the many branches, groups and individuals arising from Scientology, including Nordenholz’ book Scientologie: Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und der Tauglickeit des Wissens from 1934, what became the Church of Scientology, and the many groups which arose, especially since 1980.

We have no connection with official Scientology, and wish none.

International Viewpoints deals with this large area, and we aim to promote communication within this field. We relay many viewpoints, sometimes opposing!

(this statement of aims appeared in all the later copies of printed and stapled International Viewpoints)